Women’s Self-Defense

Women's self-defense is taught with a reality training mind set that striking with punches, kicks, elbows, and knees are your best counter attack!  Instruction is based on the sport of Muay Thai kickboxing, the national sport of Thailand. Training introduces kickboxing and self defense techniques including punches, kicks, knees, elbows, counters, and defenses. Training also emphasizes how to strike and defend when grabbed, held, or pushed against barriers. Ground defense is also an option, focusing primarily on escapes from bottom positions and how to strike on the ground.  Training also has a fitness element as muscle and cardiovascular endurance will be increased through repetition and drilling of techniques.  Women's self-defense is appropriate for all levels of experience and fitness.


           Monday-Friday (8am-5pm); Saturday & Sunday (11am-4pm)

Training duration:

          Individual - 30 min sessions      

          Group(2 or more) - 45 min sessions

Rates & Specials:

(Ask about special rates...limited time ONLY!)

          Individual Session:  $35    $25

          Group Session(2 students):  $70    $50

          Group Session(3 or more):   $30   $10 - $20 (per person)