Professional MMA and Muay Thai Coach

Bruce Lombard is a Professional MMA & Muay Thai Coach.  Coach Lombard has been training in numerous martial arts systems since the 1980′s, he has been coaching and teaching MMA and Muay Thai for three decades.  Coach Lombard also travels around the country to train NFL professional athletes and college football athletes in hand fighting and hand speed tactics.  He most recently was the Hand Speed & Hand Fighting consultant for the NFL's, New York Giants.

Coach Lombard has trained in multiple disciplines that include: Muay Thai, Boxing, Catch Wrestling, Shooto, Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Jeet Kune Do, and Wing Chun.  Bruce has trained under world acclaimed fighters and coaches such as: Erik Paulson, Greg Nelson, Sean Sherk, Rico Chipparelli, Dan Inosanto, Ajarn Chai Sirisute, Francis Fong, and Bill Gebhardt.

Bruce earned his undergraduate degree from Penn State University in 1998, and his Master’s of Education in School Counseling from Indiana University of PA, in 2012.

Bruce is recognized by the Penn State community for his continued effort to provide the highest level of martial arts and fitness training to Penn State students and student athletes.

Coach Lombard is the creator of MMAFx (Mixed Martial Arts/Football Cross Training) system and is the hand speed & hand fighting specialist for the NFL, New York Giants. Bruce utilizes his experience and knowledge in Mixed Martial Arts to provide a new and dynamic cross training system for collegiate and professional football athletes.

Bruce is also the creator of Martial Arts Fitness(MAF).  MAF is a Physical Education curriculum designed to bring an alternative fitness activity through martial arts to Physical Education departments and their participating students.

Bruce is the developer of LombardMMA-FIT as well.  LombardMMA-FIT is a high intensity kickboxing fitness program that incorporates kickboxing and self-defense techniques with calisthenics, plyometrics, and core exercises.  It is designed to be a home fitness workout or a classroom fitness program.

LombardMMA Programs

LombardMMA  consists of four different martial arts training programs.  These programs include: 

Private Martial Arts Training offers the highest level of instruction, knowledge, and experience to best guide members toward their personal martial arts goals technically, physically, and mentally.

MMAFx  is a mixed martial arts/football cross training program that works with high level collegiate and professional football athletes to help develop and increase their level of: hand speed, arm trapping ability, agility, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, muscle endurance, balance, body leverage control, and punching power.

Martial Arts Fitness. MAF is a Physical Education curriculum designed to bring the history, knowledge, and fitness of martial arts to Physical Education programs and their participating students.

LombardMMA-FIT  includes authentic kickboxing home fitness workouts and an authentic Kickboxing Boot Camp.  Why do generically titled kickboxing home and boot camp fitness workouts when you can actually learn the art and sport of kickboxing with LombardMMA-FIT workouts.

LombardMMA in the news:

"Bruce Lombard Prepares Penn Staters For The NFL Through MMA"

"Five Fighters To Represent LombardMMA At National Muay Thai Event"


Personal Kickboxing And Fitness Training In State College, PA

LombardMMA, located in downtown State College, PA offers private/personal training with Professional MMA & Muay Thai Coach, Bruce Lombard.  Coach Lombard has been active in martial arts for over 25 years and has been training students in mixed martial arts and Muay Thai kickboxing for almost 20 years. Private training…

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  • Erika Eckrod – Penn State Sorority Chair

    "This past year I had the amazing opportunity to train with Bruce. Not only was it a great educational experience learning about different self-defense techniques, but it also helped get me in the best shape of my life! The classes are a perfect length to…

  • Madeline Strasser – Penn State Panhellenic President

    Bruce's constant encouragement and genuine desire to help me be better motivates me to want to achieve my fitness goals and work as hard as I can during work outs. He is supportive of my goals in the gym and out and has really made…

  • Sam Ficken – Muay Thai Kickboxing/Penn State Football Place Kicker

    Bruce Lombard MMA/Muay Thai Kickboxing training has been instrumental in my post college football development over the past six months.  While continuing my current weight room progressions, adding MMA/Kickboxing sessions has furthered my ability to become an NFL Kicker.  The dynamic movements has enabled me…

  • Jessica Haines – Women’s Kickboxing/Penn State Student

    Bruce Lombard, my trainer for the past two years, has taught me discipline, self-defense, and has never failed to leave me gasping for air after a workout through sparring, calisthenics, and drills.  I now feel much more confident to defend myself if ever necessary.  This experience…

  • Craig Fitzgerald – MMAFx/NFL – Houston Texans

    "It is an honor to speak on Coach Bruce Lombard’s MMAFx training program. Through Coach Lombard’s training systems our strength staff was able to design and implement sport focused MMAFx programs for all our collegiate teams from Women’s Lax, Soccer to football. Coach Lombard’s methodology…

  • John Urschel – MMAFx/NFL – Baltimore Ravens

    "I started training with Bruce to improve my conditioning.  The training sessions served a dual purpose, as we worked to improve my balance, footwork, and overall athleticism during the first half a training session, and in the second half worked to improve both my muscular and…

  • Michele Crowl – Women’s Kickboxing/PSU Graduate Student

    "I have been working out with Bruce for over 10 years. When he first invited me to his Muay Thai class, I thought he was joking. I never enjoyed working out and he promised me a new way of doing it that would be fun.…

  • Emma Vautour – Muay Thai Kickboxing/State College Resident

    "I’ve trained with Bruce Lombard for the past six years in women’s kickboxing. Bruce is very personable as well as motivational. He has a high standard of achievement and expertise in instructional technique. In short, he has my full respect. He’s been able to push…

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  • How do I get started with Private Lessons?

    A private lesson FREE consultation can be set up by email, phone, or walk-in sign up.  Please refer to the contact page for all the information necessary for contacting Coach Lombard.

  • What does becoming a LombardMMA Premium Member mean?

    LombardMMA Premium Member receive's access to hundreds of instructional videos to help benefit your own personal development and learning curve.  You can also participate in member forum discussions to discuss your training goals and questions with Coach Lombard or other members.

  • What do I need to bring for training during my FREE Week?

    Gloves - We will supply gloves for you to use during your FREE week.  If you have your own please bring them to use.  We offer good quality Ringside gloves and hand wraps that can be purchased at LombardMMA. Clothing - Simply wear something comfortable…

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