"This past year I had the amazing opportunity to train with Bruce. Not only was it a great educational experience learning about different self-defense techniques, but it also helped get me in the best shape of my life! The classes are a perfect length to fit into any busy schedule. Bruce is always super encouraging and makes sure you're on the right path to meet your fitness goals. Thanks for everything Bruce, I'll miss the class!"

Erika Eckrod - Penn State Sorority Chair,

Bruce's constant encouragement and genuine desire to help me be better motivates me to want to achieve my fitness goals and work as hard as I can during work outs. He is supportive of my goals in the gym and out and has really made a positive difference in my Penn State experience.

Madeline Strasser - Penn State Sorority Panhellenic President,

Bruce Lombard MMA/Muay Thai Kickboxing training has been instrumental in my post college football development over the past six months.  While continuing my current weight room progressions, adding MMA/Kickboxing sessions has furthered my ability to become an NFL Kicker.  The dynamic movements has enabled me to kick at greater distances as well as increase my endurance while making me a better athlete along the way.  I highly recommend this type of training, as well as Bruce Lombard.  The results speak for themselves.

Sam Ficken, Penn State Football Place Kicker (2011-2014),

Bruce Lombard, my trainer for the past two years, has taught me discipline, self-defense, and has never failed to leave me gasping for air after a workout through sparring, calisthenics, and drills.  I now feel much more confident to defend myself if ever necessary.  This experience has been life changing and I continue my journey as a MMA fit follower!

Jessica Haines - Women's Kickboxing/Penn State Student,