LunchBox Kickboxing Fitness

This is a CO-ED class.  Learn the “life-skill” of self-defense and get a workout that is second to none in this high energy and engaging class! Reach and achieve your ultimate individual fitness goals through self-defense learning and training. This class is based around the techniques and movements of Muay Thai kickboxing, boxing, and mixed martial arts. Techniques include: punches, kicking, knees, elbows, sprawling, ground n’ pound, and calisthenics.

This high intensity cardio workout is meant for all skill and fitness levels. Each class has a minimum of 35 minutes of technique and cardio, and ends with a 5 minute abdominal core and push up workout.

Classes are structured to burn calories, lose weight, build lean muscles, build confidence, and learn self-defense tactics.

(EFFECTIVE August 22, 2022)

Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday:  12:10pm - 12:50pm

Saturday:  10am-1045am

What they are saying about Kickboxing Fitness?

"The kickboxing classes were the best way to get in an intense workout in 45 minutes. Every class was different which kept the workouts interesting and fun, but still challenging! LombardMMA is awesome and I️ highly recommend!" - Alexis Buono

"I had the opportunity to learn a ton of helpful techniques (and have fun) from the kickboxing classes with Bruce for the past 3 months. It is a great 45 minute workout and really helped me to change up the way I workout and get me into shape. I recommend LombardMMA Kickboxing Fitness class to anyone of any level!" - Paige Marecic

"I love Lombard MMA! Bruce's classes not only get you in shape, they also teach you important self-defense lessons. I started doing it last semester and I definitely plan to continue!" - Rachel Chieco