Boxing Fitness

Boxing Fitness is a co-ed class that focuses on learning practical self-defense through the use of upper body striking(punching) while increasing your personal muscular and cardiovascular endurance. Instruction is based on the sport of Boxing.  Training introduces and develops techniques of punching, punching combinations, boxing defense, and footwork viagra genérico precio. Muscle and cardiovascular endurance is developed by incorporating punching, calisthenics, and core training. Training emphasizes how to strike for sport and self-protection while incorporating core calisthenics to get in the best shape of your life!


"I’ve not only accomplished clear physical results, but have also gained confidence and developed mental determination from training with LombardMMA!"  -  Jim Cook

"Bruce is supportive and determined in his coaching. When I walk into the gym, I know he is going to give me a great workout that pushes me to my limits and tests me both physically and mentally." - Chloe Vollmer

"Bruce is supportive of my goals in the gym and out and has really made a positive difference in my Penn State experience." - Madeline Strasser

"LombardMMA boxing training sessions are a way for me to get in an awesome workout and they have helped me gain a whole new level of confidence about myself." - Kaitlyn Leininger

"Bruce is always encouraging and never fails to make sure you work out to your fullest potential. I feel a difference in my body and overall mental health. It is a great way to relieve stress, get some aggression out and of course get in shape." - Jonathon Martin