MMAFx – Mixed Martial Arts/Football Cross Training

"Pro MMA Coach", Bruce Lombard, has trained numerous high school, collegiate, and NFL  football athletes in his MMA/Football Cross Training system, MMAFx.

Coach Lombard has taken his 25 years of MMA experience, and many years of competitive athletic experience, to help him develop this innovative and dynamic football cross training system.

"MMAFx" is a progressive training idea and system.  Coach Lombard started developing the idea three years ago when encouraged by multiple high school and collegiate football coaches.  He has exposed and trained numerous high school, collegiate, and NFL prospect football athletes with effective and strong feedback.

Coach Lombard's research and results lead him to believe this "MMAFx" system is and will continue to be a valuable and unique cross training for football athletes to reach the, or their, next level of ability and competition.

The "MMAFx" system includes three different programs: Individual Athlete Condition, Hand Speed/Trapping, and Team Training.  Each separate program is a break down of techniques and movements from MMA and Wing Chun arts that correlate with football specific techniques and movements.

"MMAFx" is generally an off-season training and will develop and/or increase levels of a football athletes: hand speed, hand eye coordination, cardiovascular conditioning, muscular endurance conditioning, balance, agility,  flexibility, arm trapping technical ability, leverage, and injury prevention.