Level Four: Invincible (Workout #1)

Level Four: Invincible Workout #1 (KICKBOXING)

Cardio Level:  Advanced

Kickboxing Technical Level:  Intermediate-Advanced

Kickboxing:  calisthenics(burpee, jump squats, lunges), punching, body punches, elbows, punch defense, (head movement), kicks, knees, punch combinations, counter punch combinations, punch blitzes, knee blitz, footwork agility

  1. Footwork
  2. Jab cross bicycle
  3. Clinch n knee (5’s)
  4. Rear uppercut knee
  5. Lead snap kick cross hook cross
  6. Jab cross jab rear foot jab
  7. Sprawl to knee alternate sides (4 quick step in between)
  8. Speed burpee front kick side to side
  9. Cross hook cross
  10. Ruc hook cross
  11. Double jab cross
  12. Sprawl to jumping knee
  13. Speed burpee to snap kick
  14. Lead hand parry ruc hook cross
  15. Rear hand parry lead uppercut cross hook
  16. Jump squats
  17. power hooks 30 sec each side
  18. jab cross bicycle to high knee 15 sec intervals
  19. Speed burpee elbows
  20. Double jump squat two push ups