Level Four: Invincible (Workout #2)

Level Four: Invincible Workout #2 (KICKBOXING)

Cardio Level:  Advanced

Kickboxing Technical Level:  Intermediate-Advanced

Kickboxing:  calisthenics(burpee, jump squats, lunges), punching, body punches, elbows, punch defense, (head movement), kicks, knees, punch combinations, counter punch combinations, punch blitzes, knee blitz, footwork agility

  1. Cross hook cross
  2. RUC hook knee
  3. Jab cross jab rear foot jab
  4. Lead snap kick cross hook cross
  5. Knee bounces 3, 2, 1’s
  6. Body squat foot jab side to side

30 sec rest (static or double bounce or up/downs)

  1. Jab cross switch footjab
  2. Jab cross lead elbow rear elbow
  3. Speed burpee snap kick
  4. Sprawl to jumping knee
  5. push up burpee double knee
  6. shadow box bicycle

30 sec rest (static, double bounce, or up/downs)

  1. Knee bounces random
  2. Push up to side plank crunch
  3. Alternating foot jabs
  4. speed burpee jab cross
  5. jab cross bicycle to high knee 15 sec intervals
  6. pulsating body squats jab cross blitz
  7. double bounce or jab cross bicycle to high knee 15 sec interval