Level Four: Invincible (Workout #3)

Level Four: Invincible Workout #3 (KICKBOXING)

Cardio Level:  Advanced

Kickboxing Technical Level:  Intermediate-Advanced

Kickboxing:  calisthenics(burpee, jump squats, lunges), punching, body punches, elbows, punch defense, (head movement), kicks, knees, punch combinations, counter punch combinations, punch blitzes, knee blitz, footwork agility

  1. Jab cross hook/jab rear uppercut hook
  2. Cross hook cross /Jab cross knee
  3. Jab cross jab rear foot jab/lead snap kick cross hook cross
  4. Jab cross lead and rear elbow/jab cross switch foot jab
  5. lead hand parry rear uppercut hook cross/Rear hand parry lead uppercut cross hook
  6. Lead head shield rear uppercut hook cross/rear head shield lead uppercut cross hook
  7. Lead hand parry rear snap kick hook cross hook/rear parry lead snap kick cross hook cross
  8. Lead head shield rear uppercut hook knee/clinch double knee
  9. Jab cross slip slip/Jab cross double weave
  10. Double bounce/toe heel/pendulum
  11. Knee bounce 3’s/speed burpee knee
  12. Jab cross bicycle/jump squats
  13. Power hooks side to side/speed burpee foot jab
  14. Clinch n knee 5’s/jumping scissor lunge
  15. Shadow box bicycle blitz/Speed burpee jab cross
  16. Alternating foot jab/up downs
  17. Uppercut hook blitz/speed burpee jumping knee
  18. Right clinch knee/double jump double push up
  19. Left clinch knee/quick feet sprawl snap kick side to side
  20. Speed burpee blend technique