Level One: The Comeback (Workout #4)

Level One: The Comeback Workout #4 (BOXING & KICKBOXING)

Cardio Level:  Beginner-Intermediate

Boxing Technical Level: Beginner-Advanced

Kickboxing Technical Level: Beginner-Advanced

Intermediate Boxing/Kickboxing: punches, kicks, knees, elbows, punch defenses, punching combinations, counter punch combinations, punch and kick combinations, blitz punching, & footwork agility

  1. Pendulum step/toe heel/double bounce
  2. Jab rear snap kick
  3. Lead snap kick cross
  4. Jab cross jab rear snap kick
  5. Lead snap kick cross jab cross
  6. Jab rear foot jab
  7. Jab cross switch foot jab
  8. Cross jab rear foot jab
  9. Jab cross jab rear foot jab
  10. Clinch n knee doubles left/right
  11. Jab cross lead elbow rear elbow
  12. Jab rear uppercut hook knee
  13. Rear uppercut hook knee
  14. Lead hand parry rear snap kick hook cross hook
  15. Rear hand parry lead snap kick cross hook cross
  16. Lead head shield rear uppercut hook rear knee
  17. Rear head shield lead uppercut cross hook rear knee
  18. jab cross lead elbow rear elbow
  19. Lead head shield rear arm clinch double left knee
  20. Rear head shield lead arm clinch double right knee