Level One: The Comeback (Workout #4)

Level One: The Comeback Workout #4 (BOXING & KICKBOXING) Cardio Level:  Beginner-Intermediate Boxing Technical Level: Beginner-Advanced Kickboxing Technical Level: Beginner-Advanced Intermediate Boxing/Kickboxing: punches, kicks, knees, elbows, punch defenses, punching combinations, counter punch combinations, punch and kick combinations, blitz punching, & footwork agility
  1. Pendulum step/toe heel/double bounce
  2. Jab rear snap kick
  3. Lead snap kick cross
  4. Jab cross jab rear snap...
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Level Three: Relentless (Workout #2)

Level Three: Relentless Workout #2 (KICKBOXING) Cardio Level:  Intermediate-Advanced Kickboxing Technical Level:  Beginner-Advanced Basic Kickboxing:  calisthenics(jump squats, lunges), punching, body punches, elbows, punch defense, (head movement), kicks, knees, punch combinations, counter punch combinations, punch blitzes, knee blitz, footwork agility
  1. Cross hook cross
  2. Double bounce/knee bounces/toe heel
  3. Jab cross jab rear foot jab
  4. Jump Squat (body squat modifier)
  5. Jab...
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