Kickboxing Fitness

Kickboxing Fitness is focused on self-defense and fitness development.  This program utilizes high repetition kickboxing drills to improve an individuals self-defense/sport skill set and fitness levels.  This technical and conditioning training is the same as we put our amateur and professional competitors through.  Students will be exposed to techniques from Boxing and Muay Thai Kickboxing while blending workouts with calisthenics, core strength, and plyometric exercises.  The pace and level of conditioning intensity will be adjusted to individuals fitness levels.  Excellent altenative fitness training for all levels!


           Monday-Friday (8am-5pm); Saturday & Sunday (11am-4pm)

Training duration:

          Individual - 30 min sessions      

          Group(2 or more) - 45 min sessions

Rates & Specials:

(Ask about special time ONLY!) 

          Individual Session:  $35    $25     *30 min

          Individual Session:  $50    $40     *45 min

Group Session(2 students):  $60    $40    *30 min

          Group Session(2 students):  $70    $50     *45 min

          Group Session(3 or more):   $30   $10 - $20 (per person)