Submission Grappling

Instruction is designed to evolve a student's submission grappling game. Training blends wrestling with Jui-Jitsu, Shooto, and Catch Wrestling submission systems. Grappling game development can include takedowns and takedown defense; top-position control; bottom-position escapes, reversals, and sweeps; submissions(chokes, arm locks, leg locks, and neck cranks); submission defense; and submission set-ups. This technical development is appropriate for sport and self-defense.


           Monday-Friday (8am-5pm); Saturday & Sunday (11am-4pm)

Training duration:

          Individual - 45 minute sessions      

          Group(2 or more) - 45 minute sessions

Rates & Specials:

(Ask about special time ONLY!)

          Individual Session:  $75    $60

          Group Session(2 students):  $75    $60

          Group Session(3 or more):   $35   $10 - $25 (per person)