MMAFx Training with Baltimore Ravens, John Urschel

MMAFx Creator and Head Trainer, Bruce Lombard, trains former Penn State offensive lineman and current Baltimore Ravens rookie, John Urschel, as he prepares for his first training camp and season as a professional football player.

Training continued with three months of Boxing, kickboxing, and wrestling cross training.  Focus of this MMAFx individual program was on conditioning, muscular endurance, foot agility, hand speed, punching power, and flexibility.

MMAFx Training - John Urschel and Coach Lombard


Fluid Intake

Drink water or other calorie-free beverages when you are thirsty.  Soda and other sweet drinks contain a lot of sugar and are high in calories. During workouts, especially extended or intense workouts, Sports Drinks(Gatorade or PowerAde) are a good alternative to water.

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