MMA Ground Attack – Position, Strike, Submit!!

When attacking on the ground take an approach position, strike, submit.  When the MMA fight goes to the ground in a cage or ring, initially a top position is the goal.  Scramble for a dominate position if necessary and then look to control and set up your striking options.  Finish your opponent's will be controlling the top position and landing as many strikes as possible in a controlled approach.  Do not posture up to strike unless confident you can maintain position or control it if a scramble.  Short compact strikes are appropriate to open up posturing big strikes and potentially submissions.

Let your strikes set up your submissions!  Once position is controlled, striking can then set up a submission by overwhelming your opponent and clouding his defense intellect.  Once a person has been hit a few times they are generally in a lapse to defend a submission attempt.

Consider not abandoning a top position for a submission unless very confident in the success of the attempt.  Otherwise consider a submission attack at the end of rounds, possibly 30 seconds left in a round.  If attempt fails and you lose position the round is near over anyhow.  If the submission is attempted but not finished, the judges will remember that attempt first when looking at there scorecard between rounds.