Training Tips

“Quote Of The Week”

"I have failed over and over and over again in my life...that is why I succeed"  - Michael Jordan

Support Your Training Partners

Remember that we all started somewhere, and helping the new, training with our equals, and learning from our mentors are all equally valuable.  Helping the new learn will help you grow while you share knowledge so that others can eventually help push you to be better.  Training with your equals will motivate all of you to grow together.  And, training with your mentors and others that are more experienced and better than you will help mold you and keep you humble, which is the best ingredient for self-growth and reaching your potential.

Train HARD, Train SAFE, Have FUN!!

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Ego-Less Training

Leave your ego at the door, and everyone in your training class will benefit.  Ego-less training will provide you with the best results for yourself and your training partners.