Fitness Classes

We set the standard for quality in our Women’s Kickboxing Fitness Program. Our highly recognized Women’s Kickboxing Fitness classes offer a safe, fun, friendly, and energetic environment that has no rival. These classes offer a unique blend of boxing, kickboxing, and self-defense techniques with calisthenics, core, and strength exercises to help our members improve their self-defense awareness while getting in the best shape of their lives!
  • 50MIN

Women’s Kickboxing Fitness

Our Women's Kickboxing class combines self-defense, kickboxing, and boxing with calisthenics, core, and strength exercises for a unique and effective workout experience. Taught by current and former competitive kickboxers and professional instructors, it is the only class of its kind in the State College area. The class is designed specifically for women and will help you reach your goals in self-defense, core development, strength, and fitness.
  • 50MIN

Personal Training

Private one on one, or small group Kickboxing Fitness training. 30 or 45 minute sessions are available with Head Coach, Bruce Lombard. Coach Lombard will help clients reach their fitness, strength, & self-defense goals in a private non-threatening environment. Sessions will include boxing, kickboxing, calisthenics, & core training techniques and drills in a safe, fun, & productive environment.

Fitness Class Benefits



TALENTED and HIGHLY motivated

The Instructors at LombardMMA are highly qualified and experienced, with over 35 years of martial arts, kickboxing, and boxing experience. We pride ourselves in helping our members achieve their personal martial arts and fitness goals while knowing all by name.