Sport Classes

Enjoy our multiple class options here at LombardMMA. Sport and self-defense classes are offered in our Striking Program, Grappling Program, and our Luxury ALL-Access MMA Program. If alternative fitness is for you, explore our Women’s Kickboxing Fitness Program.

We offer a FREE introductory class for all Sport classes!
  • 50MIN

Muay Thai Kickboxing

Our Muay Thai Kickboxing classes are designed to teach one of the most powerful kickboxing systems in the world. Our training focuses on the 8-point fighting system of Muay Thai, including punches, kicks, knees, and elbow strikes. You will learn effective striking combinations, counters, defenses, and sport strategy.
  • 1hr 20MIN

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes are designed to teach the foundational techniques of submission grappling. You will learn key positioning, sweeps, and submissions. The emphasis of this class is on mastering techniques and basic movements. As you progress, you will have the opportunity to earn belts and even compete in BJJ and grappling tournaments.
  • 50MIN


Our Boxing program is designed to teach you the skills and techniques of traditional western boxing. You'll learn basic punches, combinations, defense, and improve your physical conditioning. The class is suitable for both men and women and is a popular alternative to traditional fitness workouts. Join our class and discover the benefits of boxing.

Group Training Benefits



knowledge and Experience

The Instructors at LombardMMA are highly qualified and experienced, with over 35 years of martial arts, kickboxing, and boxing experience. We pride ourselves in helping our members achieve their personal martial arts and fitness goals while knowing all by name.